Mr. Kidega Loseph - Teacher Mathematics
Mr. Mpamize Grant - Teacher Mathematics
Mr. Luyinda Tonny - Teacher Mathematics
Ms Mukhone K. Christabel - Teacher Life Skills/Kiswahili
Ms Muzaki Joyce - Teacher Entrepreneurship Skills
Rev. Fr. Stephen Nnyanzi - Teacher Mathematics
Mr. Anziya Benjamin - Teacher Life Skills/Kiswahili
Mr. Kabugo Kato George - Teacher Entrepreneurship Skills

Course objectives:

The department is housed in five blocks of buildings with two workshops, three classrooms, a store and an office.


Overall performance improved from 45% t0 65%. Three teachers upgraded their qualifications.


Attitude There exists good co-operation among the teachers in the department. Teachers are hardworking.

Future Plans:

Commencement of short Courses. Making of Sand Cement blocks/bricks. Concrete caravats. Industrial visits.